What I’ll Remember Most…


By Ebona Mais

Like many other Brooklyn college students, I’m nearing my end at the historic CUNY undergraduate school. In my time here I’ve learned a lot more than what I’ve studied in textbooks, and I’ve been tested on subjects that are way harder than anything I’ve seen on a final.

I’ve been stressed, excited, bored, worried and hopeful. I’ve consumed more caffeine than previously thought possible and I’ve had more crushes and flings than I’d like to admit. I adapted to my environment. I casually look up in the winter for falling snow, I instinctively find shady spots in the summer, I take the Ingersoll underpass on rainy days and I avoid crowds in the fall.

Brooklyn College has been the site of nearly every relationship I’ve had in the past few years. I have all the school offices on speed dial, I visit the campus advisors more than my grandparents and I schedule social dates around assignment due dates.

But I’m no special case. I’m not the only student who falls asleep in the library during finals week and waits until the end of the semester to talk with their professor. At least once, I’ve been every college stereotype. And now that I near the end of the educational awaking, I feel nostalgic about things.

This school has taught me to experience life differently, to be patient with the unknown and understanding with the misunderstood, to be proud of every accomplishment and to never downgrade the worth of an individual or an institution.

I came to Brooklyn College at the counsel of two high school professors that attended the “poor man’s Harvard” in the late 1970’s and early 80’s. Their exact words were, “I think you would do good there.” After my first year I had told them both I didn’t really like the school, it was only okay in my eyes. I complained about everything from the long commute to the crowded cafeteria. It was easy finding fault in everything that was new or uncommon to me and it was ALL new. But, I stuck with it and I haven’t regretted a day here.

I’ve invited them both to my graduation this summer, proud that the people that inspired me will get to see where their advice has led me. We now share our experiences at Brooklyn College and compare whose was best. They ask me what I’ll remember most, what moment or professor, course or classmate will resonate with me in the coming years. I guess if I had one answer to that question it would be: I’ll always remember the friends, students and faculty that believed in me when I didn’t.

They checked in on me and listened to my problems. They questioned my excuses and pushed me to do better work when I had done my best. The friends that helped me with homework during their free time and the professors that extended due dates when I couldn’t handle the workload are what I’ll look back on. I’ll remember them, for much being much kinder and understanding than necessary.

If you’re a senior (graduating in the spring or fall 2015) and you would like to do a piece stating what you will remember most about Brooklyn College after you graduate, send it in. I know the Brooklyn College community would love your hear your stories.

Coffeeshop Roundup

toby-s-estate-coffee-flatironBy Ming Liu

Do you ever feel like school starts a little too early on some mornings and you need a quick cup of coffee? Or a little afternoon pick-me-up before you head to work? There are plenty of coffee shops that are quick in-and-outs to purchase lattes and/or teas.

Culture Espresso, located in Midtown, usually has a line but is worth the five minute wait. The baristas are extremely fast in taking and making your order, plus, their coffee is known to be some of the best in the city. While you’re waiting in line for your order to be taken, you can also take a look at their selections of pastries from croissants to muffins. Oh, and if you’re not afraid of calories, you should definitely try one of their homemade chocolate chip cookies. I guarantee it’ll be one of the best you’ll ever have!

Another quick place to get a cup to go is Toby’s Estate in the Flatiron District. Their interior is simply beautiful, even if it’s a bit small, but it’s perfect to walk in and out. However, if you have time, you can head towards the back and find yourself in a small section of The Strand Bookstore and a flower shop. You will find the newest publications on a desk and many more on the shelves. And if you like clothes, Madewell is attached to it as well! Coffee, books, flowers and clothes? Where can you go wrong? I mean, maybe your wallet won’t be happy afterwards but hey, it’s okay to splurge once in a while.

If you’re in Brooklyn and have some work to catch up on, do check out some, if not all the Konditori locations. I’ve been to the one in Park Slope and Cobble Hill. The one in Park Slope doesn’t offer as much seating. But with ample seating, free wifi, and a quiet atmosphere, you’ll always find people with textbooks or furiously typing on their laptops in the Cobble Hill location. Not only that, they offer some gluten-free and vegan pastries along with a delicious brewed coffee.

My personal favorite would have to be Perk Kafe in Murray Hill. Although it is fairly small, it feels homely and comfortable. The baristas are some of the friendliest ones I’ve encountered and they also know how to make a mean cup of coffee with their many options of milk—almond, soy, or regular. Once the weather gets nicer, there is also small table outside you can take over and read a novel or just enjoy your coffee. If you like croissants, don’t forget to try their almond croissant! I’m alway tempted to get one when I stop by or stay for a while.

I’ll be sharing some new coffee shops that are great to catch up with friends or just because you love coffee next week. Make sure to check back!

Out With The Old, In With The Old: Revis And Cromartie Return To Gang Green.

Getty Images
Getty Images

By Joseph Davis

It’s barely been a month since the end of the NFL’s football season and everyone’s favorite time of year is upon us. Free agency. This year it seems like all the teams are playing Madden and they’ve set the franchise settings to easy because there have been some truly astounding trades and signings in the last week. One of the biggest free agent signings that no one saw coming was Ndamukong Suh signing with the Miami Dolphins. Suh signed a six year deal worth $114 Million dollars ($60 Million guaranteed). How much of that deal will go to pay off eventual fines for being one of the dirtiest players in all of the league remains to be seen.

With Suh now in the AFC East and anchoring a defense for a Miami team that is desperate to make a run at the Super Bowl, their AFC East rivals, the New York Jets, are making waves of their own. The Jets have re-signed their former all-star cornerbacks Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis. Revis is coming off a season where he played for the Jets biggest rival and arch enemies, The New England Patriots. Revis, who signed a 5 year, $70 million deal, is coming off a solid defensive year that saw him win this past year’s Super Bowl with the Pats. The Jets traded Revis in 2013 to Tampa Bay due to injuries and contract concerns. Revis initially signed a $96 million deal with Tampa Bay, but was released after one season once again because of contract issues. Now that he is back in New York, Revis shores up one side of the field on the defensive side.

The other side will be patrolled by Antonio Cromartie, who also returns to New York after spending a season playing for the Arizona Cardinals. Cromartie signed a 4 year, $32 Million deal with the Jets. Cromartie returning to play with Revis will shore up a Jets defense that was dead last in the NFL last season, allowing 31 passing touchdowns. As anemic as the Jets offense has been for the last few seasons, the Jets defense was able to carry the team and keep them in games they would have otherwise lost.

2015 will mark 46 years since the Jets have won a championship. While they certainly don’t have Joe Willie Namath leading them, the return of Revis and Cromartie, along with new head coach Todd Bowles and General Manager Mike Maccagnan, has given the Jets a spark of life that has been missing in recent years. The Jets biggest problem will always be their inability to find a franchise quarterback. Perhaps during this year’s draft they might take a stab at finding “the one” once again. In the mean time, as long as Revis and Cromartie are healthy and playing every game the Jets will have a fighting chance in the regular season. Personally I believe a 9-7 season is not out of the question for them. They easily could see themselves winning a wild card berth into the playoffs.

Of course as with any Jets season it’s always wait and see. Wait and see how the first few games go. If they start 1-3 this fall, people will still be calling for Tim Tebow to save them.

Dangerously looking for true love: the threat and rewards of online dating


By Marleny Rodriguez

Millions of people are relying on online dating to search for “true love.” Online dating services such as Match.com,  and OKCupid have prospered as women and men post photos and small biographies of themselves in search of their other half.

While the clock is running out and age is counting in between school, work and hobbies, it is becoming more difficult to interact with someone on a one-on-one basis. Indeed, many people are in the run for love. But in this marathon not all are winners.

“I definitely think it’s risky, but I don’t believe it should be completely disregarded,” said Diana Rojas, 20, majoring in broadcasting journalism. “If you take the right precautions, you might get lucky.”

Sometimes it seems that finding the right person is like winning the lotto. One in a million chance. But in reality, are people taking the time to analyze the cons of online dating? You might encounter yourself with a possessive person, a psychopath or even a serial killer.

A Brooklyn College student, Stanley, 22, majoring in psychology said that, “Sometimes you don’t know to the full extent who the person you dealing with is. Shows such as “Catfish” or the shows that come on investigation discovery they highlight online encounters between people that ended up going south.”

Certainly, it is common to meet someone online. The internet offers diversity. It connects people from different lifestyles and habits to interact with each other and even though it can be a stressful process to find the right person, if it is used with the proper guidance, it can lead you into a successfully long-lasting relationship.

First off, it is important to determine what type of relationship you are looking for, whether it’s personal, romantic or a sexual relationship.  Knowing this will help you determine what type of information to include in your profile such as age, gender, profession and let’s not forget the most important thing, your photo.  Jim Safka, CEO of Match.com offers these following tips:

“Don’t show too much skin. Nobody wants to see you pose seductively in your kitchen in your tighty whities.”

“Don’t hide your face behind a pair of sunglasses or a hat. Potential love interests will want to be able to see your beautiful face. Don’t reveal confidential information in your e-mail exchanges. If you were at a local coffee house, you wouldn’t give out your home address to just anyone standing in line. And lastly, but not least, don’t meet in person until you’ve actually talked on the phone. You know voice and sound are great way to judge chemistry,” Safka added.

Once you’ve taken the right step, it’s time to flip the coin and realize there is still hope out there. Dating online can be as sweet as a bag of skittles—different colors and different flavors.

“I met my boyfriend online, on a social media website,” said Gladys Munafo, 24, a student at Brooklyn College, majoring in Childhood Education with a Bilingual and Special Education extension. “I was a little uneasy about it. However, seven years later, we are still together and I am blessed.” She added, “It is not the safest thing ever, however, there are different cases. You have to be careful, that’s all.”

Online dating could be fast, easy and convenient for those who have trouble engaging in communication with others. There is more pressure in meeting someone in person than in sending a message. You can avoid embarrassment for the obvious reason. The internet gives you more time to think about the right answer.

Despite the difference between the people you can actually meet while being in your hometown, using your laptop or your cellphone enables you to not only focus on one person, but meet many others. While you compare the unique qualities of several individuals, you can narrow down your options to your best fit requirements.

Meeting somebody behind the screen gives you the opportunity to know the person on a deeper level. It can help you make a decision based upon who they truly are, instead of their physical appearance. But, let’s not forget money.

Yes, love can be all romantic and sweet, but it can also be expensive. In real-life dating, you spend money on gas, dining and even entertainment. Movies and concerts are not cheap. You are taking the risk to spend money, only to see if you two are compatible. If it doesn’t go how you planned it, you might not see the person again. While online dating offers you the opportunity to get to know the person before you even meet. At the end of the road,  what matter is your happiness, so whichever way you choose to find your perfect mate, it is important do it safely and always keep in mind that true love always finds itself.

Tiffany & Co. Supports Gay Marriage

Credit to Tiffany's  & co.
Credit to Tiffany’s & co.

By Eboná Mais

Tiffany & Co. sends a clear message with their new “Will You?” advertisement campaign that demonstrates love comes in many different colors and ways.

The iconic luxury jeweler that has been famously donned by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn is one of the major brands that has given full support to gay marriage, alongside Starbucks, Levi’s, and JCPenney, to name a few. Their viral print ad shows two handsome men sitting with each other on the steps of a brownstone, casually smiling as one rests his hand on the other’s knee. Under the words “Will you?” sits two platinum wedding bands. The print ads were taken by fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh and like the marriage proposal campaign video was shot in New York City.

The same-sex men, which are a real-life couple, represent more than Tiffany’s advocacy for gay marriage, but their acknowledgment that there is no one form or standard of love. An interracial couple, a black woman and white male, also get engaged in the minute long video ad produced by Ogilvy New York. The model pair are nearly broken up as he departs in a cab and tears fall from her eyes, but he jumps from the taxi before it’s too late and runs back to her. The theme seems to be that love conquers all and Tiffany’s has become a symbol of love through their engagement rings and wedding bands.

The video is centered around couples in New York, as the fiancés-to-be ask “Will you let me be the guy you drink bourbon with and the guy you throw great parties with, even when we don’t invite anyone? Especially when we don’t invite anyone?”

The full campaign attempts to cover all bases. The ad also features younger couples, fresh in love and contrasting newlyweds on their wedding day with their children in tow. It breaks with the traditional engagement ads by gearing towards the individual differences that exist in relationships, instead of using one sentiment to represent all types of love.

The sites press release for the campaign states, “Notably, the campaign portrays scenes featuring distinctly modern couples, some young and just starting out, another at their wedding with a child already in the picture, and a same-sex couple about to commit to marriage. These impactful scenes convey that modern love is not linear and that true love comes in a variety of forms. These couples represent the spectrum of people who visit Tiffany everyday to find that uniquely symbolic ring, the ultimate expression of love.”

Well known for their trademark blue boxes and the admiration of main character Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” the high-end jeweler has received mostly positive reviews for their portrayal of love and unity with the people they sell jewelry to. People appreciate corporations, especially a 178 year-old company, taking a stand against prejudice of any kind. It’s not hard to understand why Golightly believed Tiffany’s is “the best place in the world, where nothing bad can take place.”