FOLD, STAPLE, SHARE! Welcoming the Brooklyn College Zine Library Collection.

Walking through the exhibit, located in the Brooklyn College Library across from the Archives, eyes widen and mouths whisper, “Woah! Look at that!”

“Aren’t they beautiful?”

“That’s so cool!”

Students are looking at the newest exhibit at the Brooklyn College Library, “Fold, Staple, Share” that mirrors the opening of the Zine Library. The exhibit is located across from the Archives and Special collections and this is most certainly a special collection!

But, what is a ‘zine’ you ask? Professor Alycia Sellie, the Zine Collection’s curator says, “simply put, zines are self-published magazines that are commonly produced on a photocopier and distributed in old-fashioned manners, like through the mail, among friends, or at events. Zines can be about anything! If you can dream it, you can make a zine about it! Zines help us make and distribute our voices and ideas in a world that frequently doesn’t want to listen.”

The Collection at the Brooklyn College Library, located on the first floor of the library near Special Collections, was “created to support the scholarship and interests of the Brooklyn College community.” Zines in the collection vary but focus on zines created by Brooklyn locals, that explore the vast neighborhoods of Brooklyn, and zine creation and culture. You should also think about making your own zine! Professor Sellie is eager to add more zines created by Brooklyn College students, there are already copies of ‘Having a Whiskey and Coke With You’ written by a group of BC English students.

In the age of the internet some find it difficult to understand why someone would take the time to create a zine, why not just make a blog? Why bother with a typewriter, glue sticks and a xerox when your manifesto can be uploaded instantly and pictures added from your Instagram? But therein lies the need for zines. The internet an intangible, it lives on our computer screens and on our iPhones- but it is not lasting. Who knows when tumblr will become extinct and technology has moved on to the next internet forum style. A zine is something that you can hold in your hands, turn its pages and feel the labor of love. Zines have been used as a way for

Take a break from studying and drinking double shot lattes and take a walk through the exhibit and look at the hard work those have done with their hands to have their voices heard.

The exhibit will be up through November. More information can be at


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