Meet Editor: Alexander Nixon

New Managing Arts Editor Alexander Nixon is a Tampa transplant to Brooklyn. When he is not interviewing (woe is he) the likes of James Franco and the current Ms. America for the Kingsman (both BC alumnis) and sending student reporters to cover the local arts scene, Mr. Nixon is a graduate student in Art History.

He has a B.A. from Stanford (Latin American Studies/Art, 2000) and an M.A. (NYU, Latin American Studies, 2008). He comes to Brooklyn College on the coattails of Peace Corps Service (Guatemala, 2008-10) and has never been happier to call himself a student. His current pet project is a Kickstarter page to raise money for a school in Guatemala (and his Peace-Corps-service-inspired fantasy novel).

He encourages students to email him NOW and be assigned a news story for the next issue of the Kingsman. Carpe diem!

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