The Kingsman

Adventure in the Not So Distant Future


By James Burdick   As soon as prospective audience members come to “Privat(i)’s” website the performance begins. On the website, each audience member makes an appointment with a fictitious company, ePublik, to view a demonstration of the company’s new technology. Once the appointment is made, participant  becomes a far more apt name than audience member. [...]

Cutting the Strings

Scene from Piehole's "Old Paper Houses"

Credit: Carol Rosegg

By James Burdick Before the group had its name, Piehole started out with a puppet show called “TOD & I” but since its first performances in 2005, the group has produced work, which now goes beyond their origins in puppetry. Calling themselves “a laboratory of theater artists who create live events,” on their mission statement, [...]

The Sound of a Paradox

Pictured: Amir Shpilman 

Credit: Keren Ben Zion

By James Burdick Since graduating in 2011, Amir Shpilman, a product of Brooklyn College’s music conservatory, has made impressive strides in the dynamic world of contemporary music. Four years ago, Chad Walther, a writer for The Kingsman did a piece on Shpilman. In his closing remarks, Walther wrote, “one can only imagine where his (Sphilman’s) [...]

Love in a Time of Civil War

Source: newyorktheatrereview.blogspot

By James Burdick  It is never easy to write a story about the civil war these days, but that did not deter Sara Farrington, an MFA graduate from Brooklyn College’s playwriting program from completing her latest production: “Near Vicksburg.” Farrington a Long Island native, who has been acting since the age of five, moved to [...]

Theater Review: The Downtown Loop


By James Burdick Ben Gassman’s play, “The Downtown Loop,” is part of a long lineage of stories about New York CIty. But Gassman has achieved something unique to its predecessors. The play is intended to replicate those iconic New York City buses one often sees puttering along the streets of Manhattan. A massive screen plays [...]

Spies and Lies

Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict

By James Burdick This past Tuesday, American citizens got a chance to see their country poorly represented abroad yet again. John Kerry, our Secretary of State, arrived right in the middle of the scandalous and embarrassing reveal that the National Security Agency has collected more than 70 million French phone records. In addition, Germany is [...]

Theater Review: Clybourne Park


By James Burdick Set in a rapidly gentrifying borough in a likewise gentrifying city, Bruce Norris’ “Clybourne Park” is a particularly poignant play for audiences at Brooklyn College. From Oct. 11 to 19, the Brooklyn College MFA Acting Program performed Norris’ play under the direction of Mary Beth Easley. The play first premiered in the [...]

Album Review: Animus

Animus picture

By James Burdick “The album’s got heart,” said Jared Butler, Brooklyn College alumnus and lead singer of Wool Over Eyes. The newly released album from Wool Over Eyes derives its name from the Latin word Animus, which holds a multitude of meanings such as courage, spirit, life, passion and of course, heart.  After listening to [...]

Drawing Out the Poet

Credit: Matthew Burgess

By James Burdick A project, which challenges writers to step out of the comfort-zone, “Drawing Out the Poet” is a method led by Brooklyn College instructor Matthew Burgess that incites students to respond to visual art through the medium of poetry. Ekphrasis, is the name given to poetry which is made in response to art [...]

The Brooklyn College Library Art Contest

by James Burdick The Brooklyn College Library Art Contest, created by Associate Librarian Miriam Deutch, has been bringing the students of Brooklyn College in touch with the library’s collection since 2008. When renovations to the college’s library ended in 2002, the library’s now impressive collection was curated by “a Presidential Art Committee.” Currently, Deutch curates [...]

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